1. General regulations | 2. Description and categorization of services | 3. Prices, bookings and payments | 4. Residential tax | 5. Duties of travel agency | 6. Duties of customer | 7. Customer´s right to change and cancellation | 8. Travel insurance | 9. Baggage | 10. The right of the travel agency to change and cancellation of the reservation | 11. Handling of complaints | 12. Privacy policy | 13. Jurisdiction

1. General regulations

Policies and Guidelines about the regulations of accommodation services are ingredient of contracts, as known as voucher, for services that were concluded between travel agency KAŠTELA TRAVEL, Grgura Ninskog 35, 21216 Kaštel Novi ID code: HR-AB-21-17010302288 (Further just travel agency) and customer that agreed on accommodation services (further just customer). All information in this general terms are legally binding for travel agency and customer.

Travel agency is obligated to services within the meaning of the information published on the Agency's website and in its other promotional materials that are valid in the day of confirming reservation from the side of customer as well as in terms of information about the date and type of services provided on boxing voucher, except for situations caused by higher force, for example: illness or death of service provider or his/her closest family, exceptional circumstances which cannot be predicted or remove (such as earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts, wars, sanitary problems, strikes, terrorist actions, restrictions promulgated by the State: mobilization, a travel ban on a country below, etc.).

2. Description and categorization of services.

All accommodation units in offer of travel agency are described under the current categorization in terms of the laws of the Republic of Croatia (Accommodation category is determined by decision of the competent authority) and as a result of field inspections by employee of travel agency in the house of accommodation provider. The standard of accommodation, diet and other services is different in each centres and states and it cannot be compared to each other. Information that passengers get on the point of sale do not bind the agency more than the information posted on the travel agency´s website or catalogue and other printed materials of the travel agency.

3. Prices, bookings and payments

Price of booking accommodation service reflects price for basic service, which is mentioned in the price list of the accommodation unit. In case of mandatory additional payments (eg: final cleaning, insurance, one-time registration fee, environmental fee) has the travel agency an obligation to inform customer about the amount of these charges at the time when sending offer. Additional services that are not included in the price of the basic service, the passenger must pay directly to the service provider based on the instructions provided by the travel agency that were mentioned in the offer and in the voucher.

Prices of the services are published in currency of Euro. The travel agency reserves the right to change the prices, while those passengers who had already paid for booked services the price that was on the voucher, travel agency guarantee unchanged prices.

Orders and requests for accommodation booking will be accepted electronically and by telephone, or in person at a branch of the travel agency as well as the offices of agencies contractors. When completing the reservation request (form) the customer confirms that he/she is familiar with these general booking conditions of accommodation, which fully accepts. The travel agency will provide to customer corresponding material in electronic format, also all relevant information relating to the residence and accommodation, instruct him/her about the general conditions of reservation services and accommodation and provides him/her travel insurance. The customer is required to provide all information necessary for making accommodation reservation.

Customer can pay by bank transfer or by credit card. Customers of the Republic of Croatia shall pay to the giro account of the agency, customers from abroad are paying on foreign currency giro account of the travel agency. Bank charges are paid by customer. Information about the account number to which it is necessary to pay the price of services will be provided in the offer of travel agency. Customer is required to make payment within the period specified in the offer of travel agency (the usual deadline for payment is 24 hours, unless otherwise noted). Customers from abroad are required to send (e-mail or fax) a copy of the payment order or a confirmation of payment as proof of entering the bank statement because the banks are not able to carry out a transaction in such a short time.

Credit card payments are made via a secure SSL server. All credit card payments are made in Croatian currency (Kuna). The travel agency is required, to charge the customer´s credit card by amount that was converted from the conversion of foreign currency into EUR by Croatian currency exchange medium of the Croatian National Bank on the day of loading cards. The institution which has issued the appropriate credit card converts the amount of the Croatian currency to domestic currency country passenger under the rate applicable in the country from which is the customer. As a result of conversion may occur that between the actual amount and the amount that was offered by travel agency will be difference.

4. Residential tax

According to the Law of residential tax of the Republic of Croatia, the customer must pay the residential tax along with the payment of the accommodation. Residential tax is prescribed by the Law of residential tax of the Republic of Croatia, and is 2.00 to 7.00 KN per adult per day. Those aged 12-18 years have a discount of 50% of that amount, and children under 12 do not pay the residence fee.

5.Duties of travel agency

Obligation of travel agency is to ensure service delivery as well as carefully select service providers also take care to ensure the rights and interests of customer in accordance with good habits in tourism. Travel agency is obligated to carry out the duties described above and completely, unless unforeseen circumstances. (Note 1), which follows the guidelines set out in paragraph 12.

6. Duties of customer

The customer is obligated to:
comply with customs and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia
comply with foreign customs and regulations, to determine whether it needs to enter the country, where the final destination or to neighbouring countries, a visa. If it is not possible to continue the journey for violating the rules of the passenger, any costs incurred shall be borne by the person who violated the rules.
comply with the house rules in accommodation and work with service providers in good faith
Give the voucher to the service provider by boarding
if the voucher stated that the passenger is obliged to pay the residual amount of on-site landlord is obliged to pay this on the day of arrival
in advance notify the travel agency of the fact that the plans come with a pet (also applies in cases where the description of the accommodation that pets are allowed). Customer is obliged to report species (race) and the size of the pet. The service provider has the right not to accept the request if the traveller plans come with more than one animal or service provider at the same time has taken another passenger reservation with a pet in your house. For staying with a pet is paid an additional cost, which is determined by the service. The travel agency has an obligation to inform the customer about the amount of this allowance when sending offer.
notify the travel agency in advance of the fact that the customer is planning to bring larger number of passengers to the chosen accommodation than is the specified maximum capacity, even if it is a minor children. The accommodation provider must agree with crossing of the capacity, decision depends only on a good will of the accommodation provider while extra tax for the extra person is not excluded.

In the case of non-compliance with these obligations, customer alone bears all costs and liability for damages. By confirmation and payment customer agrees to pay to the whereabouts of the service provider any damage caused by himself.

7. Customer´s right to change and cancellation

Any request about change or cancellation of reservation is customer obliged to inform travel agency in written word (e-mail, mail or fax). The calculated fee is determined by the date the document of change or cancelling is received (depends on working hours of travel agency). In the case of receipt of the request outside of working hours of the travel agency the request is taken into account the next business day of travel agency. For changing of the reservation of the accommodation is also taken changing the numbers of persons or the date of the beginning and / or end of consuming services at least 30 days prior to arrival. These changes can be made only with the agreement of the service provider. The first change of the reservation is for free, for each additional change charges travel agency 15 EUR. If rebooking/changing of the reservation is not possible, and therefore passenger cancels a reservation, are used the under mentioned conditions of cancellation.

Change of the accommodation is not possible and this request about changing is taken as cancelling the reservation.

In case of cancellation of a confirmed and / or paid accommodation of booking services are based on the date of receipt of the cancellation, cancellation fees are calculated as follows:
Cancellation within 30 days prior to the consumption of service the agency charges 10% of the total price of accommodation,
Cancellation 29-22 days before consuming services agency charges 30% of the total price of accommodation,
Cancellation 21-15 days before consuming services agency charges 40% of the total price of accommodation,
Cancellation 14-8 days before consuming services agency charges 80% of the total price of accommodation,
Cancellation 7-0 days prior to the consumption of services, or if the passenger fails to booked accommodation or cancel a reservation during the reserved time, the agency charges 100% i.e. total cost of the accommodation.
For any cancellation takes travel agency a fee of amount 15 EUR.

In a case that customer that made the reservation of accommodation service in which the customer was obligated to pay only 30% deposit of the total price and the remainder shall be paid on arrival day service provider, cancels reservation within 21 to 0 days before the consumption of services, travel agency will charge the customer by amount that is calculated as the difference between the paid amount and the actual amount of cancellation charges in accordance with the above conditions of cancellation. The passenger is obliged to pay the invoice within 14 days of its receiving

In case of justified reasons, if customer can not travel as planned, and instead finds himself alternates customers, travel agency makes the changing with the prior consent of the accommodation provider. In this case, the Agency will only charge the real costs caused by the change of the customer. Substitute respectively. New customer assumes all obligations under these Terms and Conditions. If the customer will not make it to be on the place of accommodation to the midnight on the day the consumption of services without informing the travel agency and or the accommodation provider about the customer delay, the reservation is considered as cancelled, and the above conditions of cancellation are applied. If the actual cancellation fees are higher than the amount paid by passengers, the travel agency reserves the right to invoice the customer actual charges. The customer is obliged to pay the invoice within 14 days of its receiving.

The travel agency is not required to pay the cost of customer´s processing of visas and travel documents that were required to the reservation that customer cancelled.

8. Travel insurance

The price of the accommodation does not include travel insurance, or insurance risk from disasters or medical expenses, or baggage insurance and even insurance in case of cancellation. Travel agency offers to take out travel insurance and advised customer to take out insurance in case of cancellation. If customer takes out insurance on the recommendation of the agency, where travel agency is mediator, apply terms and conditions of the insurance agency that the customer has an obligation to read.

9. Baggage

The customer must pay attention to personal things that he brought to the booked accommodation. Customer is responsible by his own for theft, loss or damage to unattended else's. Travel agency is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, for theft of luggage or valuables in the hotel building (recommended renting a safe if possible or pay adequate type of insurance with additional insurance luggage). The loss or theft of luggage must be reported to the service provider of accommodation and local police station.

10. The right of the travel agency to change and cancellation of the reservation

The Agency reserves the right to change the reservation if there are exceptional circumstances which could not be anticipated avoid them or remove them (see point 1). Booked accommodation may be changed only with prior notice to the customer for the accommodation of the same or higher quality and price of accommodation that customer confirmed the reservation. If the alternative accommodation can only be secured in place or higher category for the price of 15% more expensive than the price paid for reservation, travel agency reserves the right to require the passenger to pay the difference in price if the passenger agrees. If it is not possible to change the accommodation paid, travel agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation by prior arrangement with the customer before start consuming services and guarantees refund of the entire amount paid by the customer. In the event of cancellation by travel agency, the customer does not have the right to seek compensation for damages. Travel agency is required to return a customer only that amount of money which customer had paid to the account of the agency. If there is no adequate substitute accommodation at the beginning of the consumption of services, travel agency shall provide to customer all information about possible alternative accommodation that is in offer of travel agency and return to the customer the amount that customer paid as soon as possible.

11. Handling of complaints

Each customer has a right to complain to the unrealized or poorly implemented service. If the services provided by travel agency are poor, the customer must immediately on the day of arrival inform travel agency by e-mail at or on telephone number +385 (0) 21 566 789.

The customer is obliged to cooperate with the service provider and the travel agency in good faith in order to eliminate the causes of complaints. If the passenger is not satisfied with the state of accommodation, and in its own initiative finds other accommodation, in which case the customer does not provide to travel agency chance to remove the cause of the customer discontent or offer him alternative accommodation, in which case the customer has no right to demand repayment of the amount paid, and did not sue to compensation regardless of whether the reasons for complaints were justified or not. If the customer does not accept the place offered as a solution to the complaint, which corresponds to the paid service, the travel agency will not respect other complaints by the customer.

If even with the help of travel agency was not possible to remove the cause of the complaint, the customer must, no later than 8 days after the deadline for reservations, send a written complaint, together with the related documents and photographs that prove the cause of complaint to travel agency by e-mail to or by mail to the address. Travel agency shall only take into consideration fully documented complaints received within 8 days of the end of the reservation. Travel agency is required to bring a written resolution of the complaint within 14 days of its receiving. Travel agency may extend for another 14 days the duration of solving the complaint for reasons of control and check on the side of accommodation provider. Travel agency solves only these complaints that the cause cannot be removed on the spot. If the complaints process takes more than 14 in some cases 28 days from receiving the written complaint the customer is giving up the right to appeal waives participation of a third party, arbitration UHPA or other institutions, as well as giving information to third parties or the media. In this time the customer is giving up the right to sue to the court. The maximum amount of compensation can achieve the claimed amount of services and cannot include services already consumed or the total amount of the reservation.

The travel agency is not taking the responsibility for eventual climatic conditions, cleanliness and temperature of the sea, crowded beaches and destinations, as well as in other similar situations and events that may cause dissatisfaction of customer and are not directly the quality of the reserved accommodation unit (e.g. bad weather, unkempt beach, traffic jams, theft or damage to property, etc..). If a customer reserves accommodation of special "last minute" offer by confirmation of the reservation accepts all risks of such reservations. "Last minute" reservation includes unforeseeable circumstances, on which the travel agency has no effect, while customer accepted an offer primarily due to reduced costs, and because of that the customer has no right of appeal.

12. Privacy policy

Travel agency is committed that no personal data of customer will be provided to 3rd parties, except for the purpose of implementation bookings services. Personal customer´s data are stored in the data of travel agency and may be used in further mutual communication. The customer agrees that travel agency can use the personal data for marketing purposes of travel agency.

13. Jurisdiction

Customer and the Agency agree that the eventual disputes about application of this Agreement shall be settled by mutual agreement. Otherwise, subject to court in Split and disputes will be solved under the Croatian law.

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